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Grafitos Barco, S.A. is a family company set up on the 7th April 1979 by Mr. Gabino Méndez Gamarra. His aim was to continue with the activity he had been developing since 1963. Grafitos Barco, S.A. manufactures and markets recarburiser additives used in the iron and steel industry. The recarburiser additives are used in this sector to provide the Carbon lost during the iron and steel fusion process. In minor proportion also manufactures and markets other additives aimed towards different industrial uses, such as the manufacturing of friction materials, lubricants, special oils, etcetera.

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More than 40 years of experience


As a means of facing the future, Grafitos Barco, S.A. is firmly determined to carry out a line of action based on an attitude of Constant Improvement in its productive processes and in their systems of gestion, with a decided orientation to the creation of value for our clients and the progress of society. The company personnel working in the production, laboratory and administrative sections, is properly trained to accomplish their tasks and follow the norms and instructions set to maintain a constant improvement.


Our products are aimed towards the iron and steel industry – as recarburiser additives in steelworks and foundries – and in other industrial applications (graphite additives for friction materials, lubricants, special paints, fibres and elastomers, electrical applications, etc.).  Presently, 65% of the company’s products are sold in the domestic market and 35% are exported mainly to Portugal, Germany, France and England.


We have the capacity and experience to organise and manage transport from large quantities to small consignments, whether by sea, air, land or combined transport. Grafitos Barco, S.A. is characterized by the flexibility, speed and efficiency with which it serves its customers. Once an order has been received and accepted, the goods are delivered at the requested destination in due time.


We have two locations in O Barco de Valdeorras:

  • A Barxa factory: capable of processing 25,000 tons per year between our various processes and storage capacity of 5,000 tons of both raw materials and finished product.
  • A Raña Warehouse: opened in 2020 with an interior storage area of ​​more than 2,000m2 and 6,000 tons of capacity.

Commercial Delegations :


Marco Antonio Lienas Calvet, 36 Ático – 2º 08021 Barcelona
Phone: 629 790 837


Iñaki Inunciaga Zaballa
Phone: 629 792 102

Speed and efficiency adding value to our customers