Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing processes available for the raw materials in A Barxa factory are:

Comminution and grinding of materials making them suitable for the screening process.

Fase Trituración

Drying of wet materials.

Fase secado

Screening process or separation by sizes and grinding of rejections. Two independent facilities are available.

Fase cribado

Mixing of different materials and/or granulometry.

Pelletization in order to obtain granules from the particles derived from the previous processes.


Micronization or reduction of particles to the size of microns, for particular uses.


packing in sacks and big bags of the products obtained during the previous processes.

Proceso de envasado

A facility is also available for Loading and Unloading in bulk.

descarga camión

All these processes have been introduced throughout the existence of the company. At present, they are automated in order to achieve elevated productivity as well as a strict control of these processes.

Control procedures

The processes of control over materials and installations are carried out through established procedures and are based on our LABORATORY which is managed by duly trained personnel. All equipment and determination instruments are periodically checked and calibrated by certified entities and organizations.

proceso de fabricación
proceso de fabricación